News March 2014

On Saturday 1 March a few horse-riders enjoyed a magical outride on Lekwena Wildlife Estate.  The riders experienced nature and the wildlife on Lekwena from horseback.While on-route to Annidam a light drizzle refreshed everyone and enhanced the experience of being close to nature.

The riders and horses stopped for a quick rest at Oppiberg and the riders enjoyed a boerewors-roll and coffee.As they progressed to Sonpomp 2, an intrigued herd of Eland kept moving closer to the horses – awarding the riders with a rare close-up view of these magnificent animals.

The horse stables at Lekwena Wildlife Estate are being built. Owners can stable their horses there and experience the wonder of the wildlife and nature from horseback on a regular basis.

Stands are now available for prospective buyers who would like to live in harmony with nature.