August 2014

The beauty of nature, a morning on horseback and great coffee. The perfect Saturday morning. On 28 June 13 horseriders spent the morning at Lekwena Wildlife Estate – and everyone agreed that it was a wonderful experience.

 The riders and their horses arrived at Lekwena early in the morning, saddled up and started the outride. The first stop was at Oppiberg and the riders were lured by the smells of freshly brewed coffee and boerewors cooking over the fire. The horses were spoiled with juicy green apples and fresh water. From there everyone continued to Annidam to enjoy the last refreshment-stop of the day.

 A relaxing morning – and the good news is that these outrides will now take place on a frequent basis. Follow Lekwena Wildlife Estate on Facebook to stay updated on the dates and to book your outride.

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