July 2015

Lekwena Wildlife Estate, with 163 identified bird species, well situate picnic sites and a bird hide next to one of the dams, is a bird watchers paradise.

We compiled some fast facts about our feathered friends found on the estate whe thought you might enjoy.

The African Spoonbill are birds recently spotted on Lekwena about which we are very excited.  At the moment we often see them close to the Serengeti dam and Annidam picnic area. These large white birds

Can easily be identified by the pink spoon shaped bills and pink legs.


We are also privileged that Flamingos, for the past two years use Lekwena as a summer home and we already look forward to them returning with the warmer weather.


The Secretary birds, at 125cm – 150cm, are very large grey and black hunting birds.  They build their nests in treetops of thorn trees on Lekwena and we have spotted them recently close to the Oppiberg picnic area and boma. Secretary birds hunt their prey on foot and they are well known snake catchers.


Marabou Storks, large bald birds with fleshy necks are also sometimes seen on Lekwena. These almost threatened species are usually seen with the necks pulled close to their bodies which is also the position when they fly.


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