May 2015

The Cold season has arrived on Lekwena.  Winter months are a season of rest for nature especially our plant life.  Construction activities, on the other hand are not slowing down.  We are happy to announce that there will shortly be some new houses on Lekwena: The Coetsee’s home where the roof will soon be on; the Rolandt’s home where foundations are already dug, and the Arnoldi’s home which is built to roof height.

It is nice to see how more and more residents on Lekwena will soon be able to enjoy a lifestyle with the wild on their doorstep.


More good news is that building packages for will soon be available to ensure an easier process for potential owners and that we will have more tha 4km paved roads from the two villages towards the main entrance on the N12 by the end of June.


Thank you so much for the regular photo and video contributions from our home owners.  Please keep on sending.