News September 2014

September brought with it an abundant array of new life on Lekwena. From the most delicate little flower that suddenly blooms, the trees that are covered in brand new green leaves to the newcomers that stumble on their wobbly legs over the plains.

Spring and the beginning of new life arrived overnight at Lekwena and if we look at the large number of pregnant animals then we can expect a decent rise in the game count over the next few weeks. In 2013 Lekwena had very good growth and we hope for a repeat this year.

Come visit Lekwena and try to spot all the newcomers. There are already 6 new members to the Oryx family, 8 new Eland calves, 1 little Giraffe and a number new Springbok lambs to name a few.

Stands are now available for prospective buyers who would like to live in harmony with nature.